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In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court of Arkansas implemented emergency precautions to help protect the public from unnecessary risks. This response included the unprecedented suspension ofjury trials in Arkansas. See In re Response to COVID-19 Pandemic,2021. Ark. 30 (per curiam). This suspension has been necessary to protect the safety of jurors, litigants, attorneys, judges, court personnel, and the pubiic. Despite the pandemic, attorneys, circuit clerks, district courts, circuit courts, and staff engage daily with numerous members of the public to protect these citizens'constitutional rights. These essential justice-system workers have placed themselves in harm's way for nearly a year, with severe consequences. The Governor of the State of Arkansas carefully implemented a vaccination plan for the State and for essential workers in the legislative and executive branches ofgovernment. It is the dury of this court to define the essential workers within the justice system and where each should be placed in the priority schedule. This court, through the ChiefJustice and senior staff has received updates from the Governor's Office and the Arkansas Department of Health throughout the pandemic as we addressed concerns unique to our branch of government. This week the Governor expanded vaccine eligbiliry to include more essential workers. The Department of Homeland Security identified state-court judges and staff as essenrial critical infrastructure workers. I

The Arkansas Supreme Court, after careful review, has categorized the following as essential workers in Phase 1-B and orders them eligible for the vaccine immediately. We will add others as we monitor the Governor's statewide rollout. Circuit court judges with criminal dockets along with their trial-court assistants, court reporcers, and other judicial stafi

Circuit court judges with juvenile dockets along with their trial-court assistants, court reporters, and other judicial stafl including juvenile officers;

District court judges, district court clerks, and their staff Clerk of the Supreme Court and staff; Court-employed securiry offi cers; . AII circuit and county clerks and their staffi Administrative Office of the Courts staff who have regular contact wirh the public or other branches of government;

Prosecuting attorneys, depury prosecuting attorneys, and all public defenden and their respective stafE

o Attorneys with in-person appearances pending in the criminal division orjuvenile division of circuit court; and

. Jury panel members slated to begin serving after April 30,2027. It is so ORDERED. lSee Guidance on the Essential Critical In and Narional Resilience in COVID-19 archived at https://perma.ccl39DR-8CWQ

FOR THE COURT: cture'Workforce: Ensuring Communiry Response, available at 2

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